Job-Guy's Quick Self Assessment

You need the Job-Guy if you can't say 'yes' to all of the following:

  1. I am currently employed in a job worthy of my talents

  2. I look forward to going to work most days

  3. I am appreciated for the work that I do

  4. I am fairly compensated for the work that I do

  5. I enjoy both the work that I do and the place in which I do it

  6. My skills set is in current and in demand

  7. I am not at risk for layoff

  8. I have never been torn about having my own business or early retirement

  9. I have appropriate balance between personal and business lives

  10. My industry is healthy in the geography in which I want to work

  11. My resume is up-to-date and is an accurate reflection of my abilities and talents

  12. I earn at last one interview for every 10 resumes I submit

  13. I convert most of my phone screens to interviews and interviews to offers

  14. I am rarely seen as over or under qualified

  15. I present my brand in terms of impact that I provide, not only skills that I possess

  16. I have a well-developed professional network to support a job search if needed

  17. I know how to effectively use social networking tools to expand my network and broadcast my brand

  18. My professional network understands what problems I can solve for a company

  19. I am comfortable negotiating job offers and performance increases

  20. I know how to find jobs outside of responding to ads and using employment agencies

If you said "no" to any of these statements, contact the Job-Guy for a complimentary campaign review.

Call 508-314-3563 or to arrange an appointment.

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