Job-Guy, “the Un headhunter”

Job-Guy offers those who want or need to change jobs or start new careers the same level of expertise as the major Career Management and Outplacement firms without the long-term process or commitment. Many career coaches boast expertise gained only from literature and instruction. Job-Guy’s three-step approach is based on direct input from 4000+ hiring decision-makers who have helped teach him how to:

  1. Develop personal brands
  2. Qualify leads and targets
  3. Effectively communicate value

Armed with the skills, experience and practical advice gained as a senior manager at the nation's largest Career Management firm, Job-Guy offers lower fees, increased flexibility, less time commitment and superior support to find: the right job, at the right salary, the right way.

How do you know if you need the Job-Guy?

Spend a few minutes taking our quick self assessment to determine if your current career management strategy is in need of some help from the Job-Guy.