Job Guy’s Top Five Job Search Tips

  • Design your résumé with an eye on where you are going, not where you have been.
  • Use your network for introductions and information, not to distribute your résumé.
  • Meet as many decision-makers as you can, whether they have open positions or not.
  • Interviews are with people, not companies, so tailor your responses to the individual.
  • Create a plan and stick to it!
  • and #6 - contact Job-Guy

"It is more productive to meet with someone who needs you and does not know you than it is to engage with someone who knows you but does not need you."

Job Guy’s Top Ten Interview Tips

  • Dress for success
  • Begin the interview in the lobby
  • Consider everyone a key influencer
  • Always exhibit enthusiasm
  • Use eye contact to build rapport
  • Adapt to the communication style of your interviewer
  • Strategically probe to clarify underlying needs
  • Provide a corresponding solution
  • Actively listen to promote mutual understanding
  • Take the initiative on next steps

“Candidates who succeed in interviews are not always the most qualified, but are often the ones that are seen as the best ‘fit’ among qualified candidates.”