“Under his guidance, I was able to take a step back and thoroughly evaluate my candidacy for another C-level position. His guidance assisted me in identifying my most marketable skills and experiences, how best to market myself to both obtain and be successful in interviews, and in developing target lists of contacts and potential employers.”


“His English language usage is career oriented, flexible, results driven and designed to lead to professional success for his clients. Having keen listening comprehension skills, he quickly captures the essence of who his client is and where his client wants to go.”

Language Coach/ Consultant

“John has the leadership and coaching skills needed to provide clear direction to those he partners/teams-up with. He is responsible, conscientious, assertive and alert and would be a valuable asset for anyone.”

Business Intelligence Consultant

“John is able to accommodate a broad range of complex information and peel it back to what matters to me and my career - in a way that I simply could not do on my own.”

Senior Director, IT

“I am incredibly grateful for the experience and would recommend him to anyone who needs to reinvent themselves, refocus themselves, or is seeking a change. It was an excellent investment and a service that assisted in turning my career around.”

Creative Director

“John helped me in preparing a very professional résumé along with providing training in identifying suitable employers, and then interviewing with them. John is very professional and personable. He is a very talented résumé writer and knows what businesses want to see. Through his efforts, I was able to secure a lucrative position with a major staffing company. You will get the best from John.”

Staffing Agency Executive

“You don't know how much you helped me to get the position at XXXXX. I can't express enough appreciation to you.”


“You were always pushing me ... I know that I have the tendency to underestimate my skills. Thank God, I hired you…”

International Market Analyst/Financial Services

“I really enjoy working with you. I like your intensity and focus, it resonates with me.”

Teacher/Secondary Schools

“Believe me when I tell you that you are a delightful and a very astute individual and personality.”

CFO Non-Profit

“Because of your support… I have made significant progress toward identifying those areas that could best benefit from my accounting, administrative, and management skills.”

Professor of Economics

“I hope that you know how much I appreciate that you took me on as a client. I have enjoyed our meetings and your advice. Your assistance continues to help me move forward with altering my career for the better.”

Lawyer and Entrepreneur

“The interview part was a real eye opener and was extremely helpful to me. The value proposition is like an island of stability when you feel like you're drowning in an interview. Just keep swimming back to it...”

Vice President Marketing/Consumer Products

“Wow, I have to tell you I delivered that line just as you coached me! I was told to expect 'increasing authority over staff and architectural design.' After some eye-darting and fidgeting (which tells me how unexpected the question was) I was reassured that 'there were more stock options coming my way'.”

Systems Architect

“Thanks again for all your help, working with you has been the best investment I have ever made in my career - and you can quote me on that!”


“I can truly say that I don't think I would have gotten this job without the help and advice you gave me a few months ago. I literally used everything you told me…”

Pharmaceutical Sales

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